How To Prevent Heat Rash / Prickly Heat

How To Prevent Heat Rash /  Prickly Heat

Picture this scenario: It’s a couple days into your vacation, and you’re relaxing on the beach or by the pool. The sun is out in full force. The day is fabulous and so is your mood. You’ve earned this.

You’re decked out in a new bathing suit and sun hat, maybe some amazing shades. All is going well, until you set out to get ready for a scrumptious dinner. And that’s when you notice it.

Unsightly little red bumps are covering your body. They sting, prickle, and itch by turns, ruining your mood as well as your look.

Have you ever experienced this? Getting a heat rash, also known as prickly heat, can put a serious damper on your holiday or summertime escapades.

That’s why it’s important to take action to prevent this uncomfortable and ugly rash from the beginning of your sun exposure. And Natural Tone Organic Skincare can help.

Our natural sunscreens with organic ingredients provide superior protection without the harsh chemicals of other products. What’s more, they allow skin to breathe, so that you can enjoy the sun without succumbing to prickly heat rash.

Let’s take a look at what makes natural sunscreen such a great ally in the fight against this scourge, plus a few tips on keeping your skin bump-free during your fun in the sun.

First, think about the name: prickly heat rash. What’s at the root of this disagreeable phenomenon? You guessed it — heat. When skin gets overheated, it perspires, and it can react with itchy red blotches and bumps.

Waterproof and sweat-proof sun products and other “sunblocks” may have a petroleum base that smothers this skin. Thick, dense oils, such as mineral oil, also can clog the pores and block the skin. These heavy products don’t allow the skin to breathe.

The result? Your skin can overheat all too quickly.

Natural sunscreens, on the other hand, don’t contain these waxy, smothering ingredients. They allow your skin to function naturally, helping it to maintain its balance and remain below that critical damaging temperature.

Opting for a natural sunscreen from Natural Tone Organic Skincare is kind to the planet —our biodegradable formula is reef-safe, cruelty-free, and vegan. And it’s also kind to your skin. Our non-nano zinc oxide mineral sunscreen is paraben-free and specially formulated to be gentle on your body.

So that your skin can do what it’s made to do and regulate your temperature, while you enjoy the sunshine and develop a naturally beautiful tan without worrying about prickly heat rash. Because we’re committed to supporting a toxin-free lifestyle and helping you live in your healthiest, most beautiful skin possible.

Note that this unpleasant rash can take a few days to show up, so taking precautions from the beginning – even before any signs of inflammation develop – is crucial.

And never fear: Our natural sunscreens offer water-resistant, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, so you can safeguard your skin without smothering it.

In addition to using a natural sunscreen, there are some other steps you can take to help your skin maintain a healthy temperature and avoid a rash:

Take frequent shade breaks to give your skin a chance to recover. This is especially important during the hottest times of day and when the sun is strongest. Use the break to reapply your sunscreen and hydrate.

Cool down in the water often. Just be sure to reapply your sunscreen after each swim!

Once you’re out of the sun and your skin is cooled and dried, follow up with a natural aloe moisturizer to help your skin heal and re-moisturize after the sun exposure.

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Christine Lundy
Christine Lundy

September 02, 2021

I used to suffer from dreadful prickly heat until a friend introduced me to your natural tone products. I have used the whole range and haven’t had prickly heat since! Cannot recommend enough, so lovely to sit in the sun, be protected and NO prickly heat!

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