No Matter What Time of Year, Natural Skincare Is Always Important

No Matter What Time of Year, Natural Skincare Is Always Important

Proper skincare is vital to the health of your skin, no matter what time of the year it is. If you don’t have a good, natural skincare routine established, your skin will suffer during the dry winter months and struggle to maintain its strength during the sunny summer months.

All year round, you should be following a reliable and natural skincare routine to ensure your skin is happy and healthy year-round. This will help you avoid breakouts, experience less skin irritation, and feel better about your skin.

Here are some tips on protecting and caring for your skin every season.

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Natural Skincare Is Important Throughout the Year


Winter months mean cold, dry weather that can harm your skin. Common winter skin problems include cracking, dryness, irritation, and even eczema if you aren’t careful. With a good skincare routine, though, you can prevent these problems.

During the winter, be sure to moisturize. Pick your favorite natural moisturizer and use it on your hands, arms, and face to avoid cracked and painful skin. Make sure you have a good chapstick on hand to prevent cracked, chapped lips. Many natural chapsticks even have a red tint to them, so you don’t have to forgo lip color.

Use sunscreen. Many people think sunscreen isn’t necessary during the winter, but when the sun reflects off the snow, you could easily get a sunburn. Choosing a natural sunscreen will help shield you from the sun without exposing it to harmful chemicals that are found in many other sunscreens.


Springtime means you’re going to start relying on that sunscreen more often, so make sure to stock up on your favorite natural sunscreen. As you start to spend more time outside, it’s vital to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Spring tends to be wetter, so moisturizer won’t be as vital but don’t forget it. Reach for a lighter natural moisturizer to keep your skin healthy without clogging pores or putting on too much.


Always wear sunscreen during the summer, even if you’re trying to get a tan. As the sun gets hot, you’re likely to go to the beach and spend time tanning or swimming. If you plan on swimming or snorkeling, natural sunscreen is even more critical as it won’t harm marine life.

If you do get burned or you notice your skin is a little pink, natural aloe vera will help it recover quickly and painlessly. You’ll also want to put a little extra moisturizer on areas that have been exposed to a lot of sun, such as your face, arms, chest, and legs. Too much heat can lead to dry, painful skin, but regular moisturizer will help alleviate this.

Don’t forget to exfoliate at the end of the day. Using a natural exfoliant will help remove any dirt and dust particles that blew against your skin and help remove remnants of your sunscreen. This will help prevent your pores from clogging up and will keep your skin clear.


As the weather cools down, moisturizer is going to once again become your friend. Be sure always to have some on hand as well as chapstick. Again, natural chapstick often comes tinted, so you can still get a gorgeous red lip color without suffering through cracked or chapped lips.

During the fall, investing in a hand cream instead of a lotion is a good idea. You’ll use it a lot more as the weather cools off, but natural hand cream will also provide a stronger layer of protection over your skin.


As the seasons change, your skincare routine will likely change as well. It’s essential to consider the weather changes and ensure that you’re always moisturizing your skin and protecting it from the sun. With a reliable skincare base routine, adjusting it to fit each season won’t be hard, and your skin will thank you for it.

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