Sunless Tanner

Sunless Tanner

It’s that time of year again when we shed our heavy winter garments and start revealing more skin!
There is no doubt that a healthy tanned body makes us look and feel better about our appearance, but we all know the health risks of overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Even if we attempt to tan safely, our winter white skin needs to be covered with SPF protection from the minute we start to roll up our sleeves, and a healthy glow will take weeks to build up safely. Our sunless tanner formula gives you a great tan in during the ‘sunless’ months of the year, but also provides a great solution for your skin’s transition from winter white to summer bronze!

So what is the solution?
The team at Natural Tone Organic Suncare has always had you covered in achieving a safe, natural tan, but we have recently created a formula that will help you achieve a beautiful tan without exposure to the sun. The concept of a beautiful summer glow without the harmful rays is a great way to feel confident about how we look as well as the health of our skin. The Team had the following four product goals to provide you with the best result possible:

  • Easy to apply 
  • Hydrating with a soft finish
  • Natural color without streaking
  • Luxurious fragrance  
  • And of course toxic-free, so it had to be made only from natural products!

Rosehip Aloe is used as a base for the sunless tanner which creates a rich, silky finish that moisturizes while providing you with a  gorgeous tan. Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter help provide even coverage to ensure there are no streaks as you apply the cream. Natural sugar beets react to the proteins on the surface of the skin producing a temporary, natural coloring that can be built up layer upon layer to create the perfect golden tone that will suit all skin types.

And best of all, unlike most synthetic products on the market, Natural Tone Skincare’s Sunless Tanner is produced from natural and organic ingredients! There are no dyes or artificial perfumes added to our formula. 

Whether you are wanting a little extra tan around the pool this summer, or you are simply too busy for a vacation but still want that ‘just stepped off the beach’ look, you will love the Natural Tone Organic Skincare Sunless Tanner.

Just see what our customers have to say:

“Wow no streaks! And it didn’t discolor my clothes. No more fake spray tans for me!" - Joanna Burrows

"I love your Aloe and Rosehip lotion, I use it every morning, so to have the added bonus of a built in self tanner is great" - Tene Sommer

Purchase your Sunless Tanner today and slip on those summer shorts a little early! 

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